MANSEHRA: The Oghi police on Saturday baton-charged a crowd, which stormed a truck loaded with subsidised wheat flour luggage and pelted its driver and policemen with stones.

The stampede erupted after people lined As a lot as buy flour luggage raised slogans in the direction of The federal authorities and broke the queue.

Additionally they started pelting stones On the truck driver and policemen, who retaliated And commenced baton charging the unruly people.

The driving strain Inside the meantime managed To hurry the flour-loaded truck to the assistant commissioner’s office in Oghi.

Later, the deputy commissioner modified the distribution schedule of the subsidised flour and dispatched the consignment to Shergar and its adjoining nativeities.

The natives, who couldn’t buy the wheat flour, demanded of The federal authorities To reinstrain the weekly quota for the people of Oghi.

“The district meals division provides solely 670 wheat flour luggage of 20kg to people in Oghi and its suburbs, which Want to be doubled To fulfill native requirement,” a shopper demanded.

Revealed in Daybreak, January Fifteenth, 2023